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Whether you’re an energetic Aries, an intuitive Cancer, or a sensitive Pisces, Astrid Sinclair's Color the Zodiac: Astrological Signs to Color and Display lets you cherish your unique and powerful connection to the moon, the stars, and the planets above! Inside you’ll find alluring illustrations of all twelve zodiac signs to color, each page featuring insights into the strengths, weaknesses, and cosmic significance of every one.

Color the Zodiac gives you an artful break to relax and discover more about yourself and the people in your life.

· Add color and personality to a heavenly collection of more than 60 illustrations honoring each sign

· Take a creative and reflective pause to explore your personal connection to astrology

· Color and display your sun, moon, and rising sign for all to see!

The ancient mysteries of the universe await you inside this stellar book of art.

Color The Zodiac

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